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I am sixteen going on seventeen [Feb. 23rd, 2012|08:56 pm]
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Dear Livejournal,

Nachoos is getting older. It's 2012 and I've experienced a lot over the past years but Najihah'11 has agreed that the year 2011 was definitely the year with the most number of different experiences. Plus it was the year of my O' Levels. I still can't believe that after so many years of anticipating it, I have overcome it and face that scary-ass examination. 

Okay this may or may not sound dumb but it was just last year when I found out that the O's was not only taken by Singaporeans and the British students.Yeah, I guess you can say that I am not well-read. Since I'm older, (and supposedly more mature) I'm going to change a few things about me. That includes being a better person and not giving up till the end. My O level results was really an eye-opener. 

No one expected me to do that well. Neither did I. To be honest, my grades weren't astonishingly good but I learnt a few things about myself. Apparently the more I study for that subject, the worse I got. HAHAHA okay I was kidding. But that did reflect in my grades. Let me explain.

My parents got me a science tutor for my Chem & Physics and my grades haven't been showing since Sec 3, I must admit. I was lazy in sec 3, it was by far my worst year in academics. I just couldn't give a damn, I was not awakened by the reality. In mid sec 4 (2011), my parents decided to send me to a class tuition for chemistry only since I was doing worse for that than physics. For some reason, even when I prefer chem to physics, I still do physics better. I don't know why.

After giving that science class a chance, I really did improve in chem. I loved chemistry. I could ace all the test papers and mock papers my school and my tuition centre gave. I was amazed. I really thought I could get A1. By then, I kinda neglected physics. 
"Forget Physics and focus on getting an A1 for Chemistry. If I got a C5 for Physics, I'm happy."

That was what I said. Guess what I got instead? Chemistry, C5 & Physics, B3. Yeah sure, my physics wasn't an A but I was still thankful. I was surprised. I was kjgafshfgajnkjadbvfakjfnoakgnhakorndkjabfjfnvakjfnakjndfjkcdjfnbadkjnf happy for myself. And proud.

Unfortunately, my form teacher didn't congratulate me. When she passed me the result slip, she just said "You could have done better." I wasn't thinking straight then but now that I recall, I would pretty darn upset for the whole day cause she wasn't even happy for me. Oh yeah, I got a B3 for English which was another unexpected grade. Yeah sure, I'm one of those expected ones to get good grades for English but I really felt that I screwed up for all three components. My compo has always been horrible, retarded and immature and for O's, I even wrote about my favourite kpop boy group 2PM. Maybe they were looking for an original compo writing and mine was it. Srsly, who would mention their kpop idols in their national exam?! I was only confident about my situational writing. Even when I was confident about doing my oral, I thought I screwed up my picture conversation and a bit of the conversation. Yeah and for my comprehension, I really thought I was a goner by then. By the way, my form teacher was also my English teacher. i thought she would be happy. :/

My math is something I can be proud of. E Math, A2 and A Math, B3. I was hoping for an A1 for Emath but it's okay. It was a super easy paper so all those smarty pants could have gotten full marks for it so, I was happy to get an A2 but A MATH?! Wow. I'm not bragging but I've been failing or getting a border line pass throughout sec 3 and sec 4! Even till the end! Till prelims etc. My math tutor is really good too, I have to give credit for that. He never gave up on me even when he didn't see me doing so well for my school papers. 

I'm really thankful to my tutors. They've all made a success. :) I have to thank my family members (all of them) for the encouragement even when you don't show it that much. I'm happy that you're happy with my results. MUACKS. :D

Anyway, I got into Aerospace Electronics in NP. Let's hope for the best.

Yeah, last year I got to travel around Europe and it was THEE best. I managed to move on from this boy that left me heartbroken and stuff which was a relief. I swear, I really felt a heavy weight being lift off me. Couldn't be happier. And Europe is the best experience by far. I really want to continue to travel to places whether or not I'll be the one flying myself there or not. *hinthint

Just don't give up. Give in you all before you regret. I regret not doing better for chem. I think I was too over confident when I was scoring well all of a sudden, I don't know. I just hope success will keep coming my way, InsyaAllah.

Find me @NajihahAR & http://redtinyfreckles.tumblr.com

Bye xoxoxo

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HI NAJIHAH IS HERE O.O [Nov. 2nd, 2010|12:17 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

HAHAHA hello. najihah is now FIFTEEN years old and i own an ipod touch! Haahahha ok. i read all my previous posts and i feel lame. now that im fifteen, i'm even LAMER. :P ok i dont care.

I just went swimming alone. I still havent eat yet since i woke up. I'm downloading The Switch now. cant wait to watch it. ok bye. visit me at tumblr. i prefer to let the pictures do the talking now :D


xoxocrushcrushcrush o.o
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Whose knee? XD [Aug. 9th, 2009|11:56 pm]
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[Current Music |987 fm]

Hey there. I'm here to update really quick. This week so far had been great. I'm afraid that next week is gonna be bad. Or at least I think so. :(

Today is National Day. Yesterday, spent my night at Republic Poly to watch Hady, Taufik and Sleeq (main reasons). Hehehe. Photos were taken. Wee~ I shall upload them when I can. Today, I went to Palazetto to watch the fireworks. They're quite far from where I was but still, it was not that bad. :D This year's parade is much better. It's something new. Woohoo! And now, i'm home.

HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! pictures coming soon... maybe. :/

i hope tomorrow will be fun. if it is, this week's holiday is great. only there's too much homework. i better start completing them. i'm only left with malay compo and english eye witness report. plus, 987 fm is playing nice songs right now. this is gonna be fun ^^

i'm glad things are going the other way round for you and the better way for me. nyahahah. wait, maybe i'm wrong! D; aww man, najihah, you suck. :(
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Welcome back, Najihah [Aug. 7th, 2009|05:58 pm]
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[Current Music |Paparazzi by Lady GaGa]

I may be coming back here! LOL, i'm very siaosiao. -.-

Today was the National Day celebration. My school was participating in the star making competition. The competition ended today. We didn't break the record of 400K (correct me if i'm wrong) stars. But my class got 3rd place in lower sec (i think) after chiong-ing like mad today. Our class was so messy adn dirty.

Marched in the morning. I forced myself to wake up at 5 AM today. I slept at 8 PM last night all the way till 5 AM anyway, so no problem for me! :D I had to pack my full u and put on the badges! So mafan. I cut my finger upon reaching class to put my bag after marching. I accidentally hit it on my table and it bled. It was bloody painful when i washed it off. tears streamed down out of pain. HAHAHA, hamidah wanted to see me cry -.-" I didn't cry alot lah, it was just at the surface of my eyes. Hamidah got for me plaster and toilet roll to avoid blood from coming out. She's so nice ;D

I was so hungry for the whole day and i wore the SJAB shirt for the whole day too. After dismissal, quickly changed out of the full u and went to BPP to mac. Bavani went off for her choir thingy with her mum. Me and Hamidah finished eating and went up to the library, walked around the children's section, talktalktalk. Walk somemore to "burn off the fries" (like as if it works. Hahaha) then headed home after roaming around BPP to exercise.

I'm going to do PBL project at Bavani's house tmr! And I might be meeting Hady too! Weee ~

Happy ADVANCED Birthday Singapore!
(simpsons playing now)

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aaaahhhh [Jun. 4th, 2009|05:04 pm]

Im back from Mega Camp. Gonna pack for SJAB camp soon. T.T grrrrrrr. I slept from 1 - 4:30 PM. K i will elaborate more on Sunday. And i made a blog ! I will update there more often i think. Teehee.

Try finding the website. Its easy. I go and paste it somewhere where everyone can see. :D

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What about now? [May. 24th, 2009|08:36 pm]
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[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |parents watching F1]

My parents have been having diarrhea (spelling?) one after another. Kinda scary y'know.

CLICK HERE for MORECollapse )
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thoughts and stuff [May. 20th, 2009|10:23 pm]
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[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |some lily allen song]

Ive been hunting for blogskins. LOL. And yeah, found some nice ones. But im just lazy to start a new one. Or even to just continue from my previous blogger. But it just keeps on haunting me to use Blogger. :(

Anyways, i went to KKH just now for my appointment. Surprisingly, Hamidah was there with her mum too! But i didnt meet her. The doctor offered me a "JOB"! I am able to earn 80 BUCKS in one day. Fast money eh? I will just have to sit/stand/lie down there while students (doctors) check on my heart to see whether they can identify my condition. If they got it right, they pass their EXAMINATIONS. :D Woohoo! Im like their exam paper. HAHAHAHA. How cool is that?  If they pass, they get to be a specialist like the doctor who checked on me just now. Its this Sunday afternoon. Idk if im going or nt though cause I hate being a doll you see. Hmmm, i just want the money can??? :DDD

Tomorrow's the results of our paper! Wish me luck ok? I'll wish you luck too.

Ooooh, im having canoeing this Friday as part of getting my badge for canoeing in SJAB. Im kinda scared. LOL. Im afraid if the tides bring me elsewhere and I cant control the waves and then whoosh! Im lost in the open sea... that'll be scary i tell you! :(

OK, my finger hurts after the blood test. I cant type properly with my left ring finger. It feels like having ants biting your finger. D: Ouch.


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whats the use? [May. 18th, 2009|09:23 pm]
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[Current Mood |crappycrappy]
[Current Music |nth]


I feel so freeee. Hahahah. Anyways, today's Paper 1 re-test felt so much easier!! In fact, i finished it fast enough to check through my paper! (FIRST time) I hope I can get 40/50 and above for this paper. Paper 2 might lose me some marks down there. Sad.

Exams are over but well, my teacher made us regret it. D: She made us (at least me) feel so bad! You know whats the worse thing? She said only 2 people in my class passed the English Paper 2! Yes, harsh. She made me feel... so bad. And then I thought abt my parents. How they'd react. Or at least one of parent when they're at the PTC. :(

Reminder to self: Return form on Thursday. (PTM form)

Oh yes, my art work turned out messy and very... childish. Like what preschools would draw. Hmph.
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Papers [May. 15th, 2009|03:10 pm]
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[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |Please Dont Leave Me, Pink]

We're left with only two more papers!! It could have been one but we're having a maths paper 1 re-test! YAY. (no sarcasms) Hahha. I am one of those who panicked when the teacher told us that the paper was actually only 1h and not 1h 30mins. They changed last minute loh! Tell me, who's not happy? *everyone raised up hands* HEHEHEHE.

After the teacher told us, we were only left with 15mins to complete it. I rushed, my brain juice was like all squeezed out. Headache. Thats why im happy that we're given a second chance. :D

If our marks in our first trial is better than the re-test, they're gna take that score and not the lower one. I hope i'll do better this time. Somehow, for every maths question i see, my head goes blank. I cant think. D:

Today's paper 2 was... OK? Question 3 was like.............................................. seriously. But I checked with Jorene for part A of that question and we got the same answer! I cooled down. Lol. But that was only 2 marks! I was irritated with the paper. They give us like 3 parts in (almost) each questions but they give such a small space!!! And plus, they give us long equations. Like c'mon! Not everyone has nice, neat, SMALL handwritings. :/

I wished they had given us more space. We'll be able to easily find our mistakes. Pfffffft.

Art paper is on Monday. Maths first, then art. :O I haaaaaaaate art. But I kinda like what im going to draw. I hope I dont spoil the drawing. I cant paint and colour, you see. Heh.

OH! Did I mention that I feel like using my blogger again? No? Well, jengjengjengjeng... I saw my sister's blog and I fell in love with it. But im not sure either.... so yeah. ikut ikut aje. :DD

jiHAH (:

blahblahblah, used. :( it matches my mood!!

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short and "sweet" [May. 10th, 2009|10:04 pm]
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[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

Ok, i shall be updating my LJ today.

How's everybody with your exams? Stressing? Heh. Ok, i got nth to update. I think i'll update straight after my papers.

I hate being the first person in the row. Ppl behind me can see my hideous art work during my art exam! EEK! Wednesday, Maths and EL P2.

Im worrying abt my MT marks and EL now. OH NOO. Im recaping about all the things ive written. Shit.


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